Industry Standards for Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

Industry Standards for Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

Your wedding would not be possible without the many helping hands of your friends, family, and most of all vendors. Sharing appreciation through tipping is considered a standard industry norm and should be extended to all vendors if possible.

A family head should be the one responsible for handing out tips to your vendors. We encourage that this be done discretely.

1. Catering Staff: The staff who work tirelessly to ensure your guests are well-fed and taken care of should be tipped around 15-20% of the total catering bill. If there is a service charge included in your catering bill, be sure to check if it goes directly to the staff or if additional tips are expected.

2. Wedding Planning, Coordination, & Production Team: According to several studies, Wedding Planning & Coordination ranks as one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Your Wedding Planner & Coordinator has likely spent the most amount of time assisting you and your families- as opposed to any other hired vendors. Alongside the Set-Up & Teardown crew (production team), your Planner/Coordinator is typically the first to arrive and the last to leave. They work tirelessly to bring all of the information needed together in order to successfully produce your wedding. Tipping your Planning, Coordination & Production team 20% of their total invoice is considered industry standard.

3. Photographers & Videographers: Tipping your photographer and videographer is a nice gesture to show appreciation for their hard work. Consider tipping them 10-15% of their total fee, or a thoughtful gift.

4. Musicians/DJ: The musicians and DJ who provide the soundtrack for your special day should be tipped around 10-15% of their fee. If they have gone above and beyond to keep your guests entertained, consider adding a little extra to show your gratitude.

5. Hair and Makeup Artists: Your hair and makeup artists work hard to ensure you look your best on your big day. Consider tipping them 15-20% of their fee, or a thoughtful gift, especially if they have traveled to your venue.

6. Florist: Your florist plays a significant role in creating the ambiance of your wedding day. Consider tipping them 15-20% of their total bill, especially if they have executed your vision flawlessly or gone the extra mile to accommodate last-minute changes.

7. Officiant: If you have a religious or spiritual officiant, consider making a donation to their place of worship. For a non-religious officiant, a tip of $50 to $100 is customary.

8. Transportation: If you have hired transportation services for your wedding day, consider tipping the drivers 15-20% of the total bill.

In summary, tipping is considered an industry norm and is a gesture of gratitude for the extra care and attention they have put into making your wedding day memorable. It is a way to thank them for going above and beyond in their respective roles and ensuring that everything runs smoothly on your big day.

Image: KAE Partnership Event, Blanc Denver
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