• "One-Stop-Shop" Wedding Planning, Design & Production Team in Colorado

    We provide in-house Wedding Planning, Coordination, Design, Florals, Decor, and Set-Up/Teardown services for couples getting married in the state of Colorado.

  • 5-Star Reputation

    We work incredibly hard for our couples, vendors, venues and staff members. This dedication and attention to our clients and industry has resulted in a consistent 5-Star experience for all. We never give anything but our best.

  • "Weddings Made Easy"

    We have spent years simplifying the wedding planning process so that our couples can easily understand what needs to happen at each stage of the planning period. If you know what you're doing, you're less likely to feel unnecessary stress. That's our number one goal- to help educate and guide you through the logistics.

  • Proven Experience

    We have participated in over 200 weddings at the time of writing this. We have seen everything under the sun, and always go back to this simple truth: You don't hire a professional because you think everything will go 100% right. You hire a professional because they will know what to do when things go wrong. We don't expect perfection from our couples or team members. The reality is, that we are all human. But, we can confidently guarantee that if/when something goes wrong, we will know how to handle it in the best way possible.

  • Credentials

    We are an actual company, with an actual team, and an actual office location at our brick-and-mortar shop in downtown Colorado Springs, CO. We are licensed, insured and run a successful and sustainable operation. We have never backed out of an event or canceled on a client. Not once, not ever. We love what we do and do it wholeheartedly! We have won "Best of Colorado Springs" multiple years in a row, have been featured in local & international magazines and publications, and continue to receive many accolades from our industry and peers.

  • Our Team

    Our team is kind, supportive, caring, organized, honest and respectful. We always strive to treat others as best as possible and to be hardworking, level-headed and efficient in what we do. We have 1 Lead Wedding Overseer who oversees every wedding, start to finish. We also have 3 Associate Planners who help run and coordinate the weddings on the day of the event. On average we have 10 additional assistants that help produce every wedding that we are a part of and take car of all loading, unloading and day of set-up. We also have 2 retail/floral associates that help produce all of the flowers and decor for each wedding in our studio. It takes a village!

  • Where We Are + Where We Go

    We are located at 120 Pueblo Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80903. We service the entire state of Colorado, but try to stick within our primary service zones (shown at the bottom of our website) as much as possible. We all have families and part of our sustainable approach is in how we spend our time as a whole.

  • Who We Work With

    We love working with both local and out-of-state couples who are getting married in Colorado because they have a genuine love for our state or have fond memories of being here with their families and friends in one way or another. Our couples realize that the cost to host a Wedding in Colorado is a reflection of the high-cost many vendors and businesses face to live in and operate a business in our beautiful state. Our couples also realize that when they work with a reputable and solid company like ours, they are getting the best value for the best costs, always. We work with kind people who treat our team well, with dignity and respect for what we do.

Other Services We're Known For

In addition to Wedding Planning & Production, we own and operate KAE | Event Studio & Floral Boutique as well as offer Corporate Event Planning & Florals to other businesses in our community.