Final Step, Delivery & Set-Up

This is the final step in making your wedding a success! All wedding plans have been finalized, all florals & decor have been secured, and now it's time to see it all come together.

Day of Delivery, Set-Up, Styling, Teardown & Cleanup

Your Dream Team, Behind the Scenes

Why We Require This

There are two sides to every wedding. The guest-facing side, and the industry-facing side. While your wedding is primarily attended and enjoyed by your guests, behind-the-scenes is a professional environment that requires professional experience and management.

Because of this, we require our own professionally trained staff to handle all transportation, set-up, styling and after-event removal of all supplied items.

This ensures that all aspects of the wedding set-up and breakdown happen on time and with minimal interruption.

If family & friends would like to be involved, we ask that they assist guests and other family members with tasks & requests as needed.

What to Expect

KAE is a smoke-free, drug-free company. Our staff members are clean, presentable, on-time, organized and professional. You will not hear us swearing, causing a scene or detracting from the guest experience in any way.

We arrive as early as we are allowed to on the day of the event to begin all unloading and organizing. We bring all of our own supplies and coordinate a synchronized approach to set-up & breakdown.

We typically finish with set-up before guest arrival and remain on-site, behind the scenes, as needed to ensure that everything is working and going according to plan!

What's Included

We provide all staff members, transportation vehicles, all misc. supplies, tools and more. We handle all unload, set-up and after event breakdown of your event. After the even, we handle all waste disposal, recycling, and cleaning of all items and supplies.

On-Site Roles & Responsibilities

Your assigned Wedding Coordinator arrives early and ensures that everyone shows up on time, with everything that they need, and ensures that everything is set up according to the overall plan. They manage you entire timeline and production schedule.

Your KAE staff are responsible for setting up/breaking down all flowers, decor, candles, day of signage and anything else that you've purchased.

Your Lead Wedding Planner (Supervisor) will stop in and oversee how the wedding production has been going. They will ensure that all plans have successfully been fulfilled to your liking!

After the Event

All of your items are removed by KAE staff, and the venue space is re-set. Please be sure to take your personal belongings with you at the close of the event. All other items return to our studio for recycling, cleaning, disposal and more!

Purchase | 60 Days Before Wedding

All staff and transportation should be secured no later than 60 days before your event.

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