First things first...

Hire Us for Planning & Design

Make sure that you've already hired us for Wedding Planning!

Reach out to to confirm availability and schedule an initial consultation before getting started.

Create Your Floorplan

Together we will begin creating a Floorplan for your wedding. Once we have your floorplan built, we can begin sourcing furniture and decor.

Your wedding planner will assist with the entire process!

Finalize Your Order

We like to get all furniture & decor orders finalized 60 days before your wedding.

This gives us plenty of time to prepare for your specific event and be able to accommodate any minor last-minute changes as they arise!

Event Set-Up & Break-Down

We arrive on-site with all of your items. We unload everything, set everything up, and remove it all at the close of the event!

Guest Comfort

Lounge Sets & Lighting Options

KAE couples can work with us to custom-design the look and feel of their event.

We have several accounts with local and international rental companies. We also hold Interior Design accounts with both local and online wholesale and retail suppliers.

We recommend a starting budget range of $3,500- $9,500 and higher for these elements.

This service requires Furniture Delivery, Set-Up & Removal.

Guest Experience

Escort Displays & Custom-Built Installations

As your Full-Service Production Team, KAE can custom design and build unique escort displays and installations for your event.

All items are designed, created, delivered, set up and removed by KAE staff.

This service starts at $3,500 + and requires Furniture Delivery, Set-Up & Removal.

Dining Experience

Custom-Sourced Linens, Napkins & Tabletop Decor

KAE holds several wholesale and retail accounts with various linen and decor suppliers.

We can create various custom looks and design themes for our couples.

Pricing for this service requires a starting tabletop & decor budget of $2,500 +.

This service requires a minimum of 1-3 Assistants.

Essential Staff Members

Set-Up & Teardown Assistants

Most weddings that we are a part of require extra sets of hands in addition to your KAE Planner & Coordinator.

For Intimate Weddings, we require 1-3 of our own professionally trained Assistants.

For all Standard-Sized and Large Weddings, we require the full use of our in-house Set-Up & Teardown (Production) Team.

As shown above, Weddings with furniture sets and custom-built escort displays or installations also require additional staff and transportation.