Next Step, Candles & Decor!

Now that we've been working together for some time and you have officially hired all of your other vendors, it's time to purchase your Candles & Decor. Please select the package below that matches the size of your wedding. Use the discount code we've given you to get an extra 10% off your order.

We order and manage all candles & decor for you!

Candle & Decor FAQ's

Do I order the candles & decor myself, or does KAE order them for me?

Great question!

All you need to do is purchase the candle & decor package below that matches the size of your wedding.

Since we are already working with you on the Planning side, we will be responsible for presenting you with candle & decor options that fit your style and wedding theme!

I can probably save on costs if I buy everything myself, so why should I order through KAE?

We create beautiful weddings and events. Our decor selections and sourcing are a huge part of this. If you are scared off by any of the costs below (or anywhere else on our website for that matter) then we are not the right fit for you.

Additionally, we will likely be the ones setting all of your decor up on your wedding day and we will only have a couple of hours to do so.

Because of this, we have an entire team that triple-checks every single order that is placed and received. We spend all of the time going through a massive list of suppliers to source the exact items you need, so that you don't have to. We cover all of the many shipping costs in our flat rate price. We handle all returns if anything is missing or broken on arrival. We open up everything, pull it all out, count it all, organize it and repack it all for easy load and unload on the day of the wedding, and we bring allll of the extra supplies needed for each order.

If you're going to save on anything, it should be time and stress!

What kinds of candles & decor should I expect?

To ensure that your wedding is unique and not a recreation of someone else's, we will create digital mock-ups for you, assist with your wedding's overall color palette, theme, and general style.

Your candles & decor will reflect what we've agreed upon together in our planning sessions.

160 Guests +

For couples hosting a wedding with more than 160 guests, we will be providing you with concierge-level service.

For these larger, more all-inclusive sized weddings, we do require a minimum event budget of $200k.

Required decor budgets for this size of event start at $20k.

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