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Planning your Colorado dream Wedding has never been more practical and accessible! We believe that you deserve a convenient, affordable and thoughtful approach to planning one of the biggest chapters of your life.

How to book us for your wedding

First Steps...

Hiring a Professional Will Make a Difference

Yes, you can plan a wedding yourself. But do you really want to? There is so much that goes into it, more than you can imagine at this stage.

Even if you are great at planning, there are aspects of the wedding industry that you may not understand or even be fully aware of until we get started together.

SO- our job is to provide you with current tools, resources, and guidance so that you can successfully host a wedding, in Colorado, without all of the added stress.

We love what we do, are extremely good at it, and promise to take great care of you along the way! :)

Get to Know Us

It's incredibly important to work with a planning team whose service and style you feel drawn to! Your planning team should match the quality/level of the venue you've chosen, they should reflect your personal lifestyle, and they should come very well recommended by others they've worked with.

We've posted several blogs about this below and encourage you to look through this piece of our website before getting started. :)

Schedule a Zoom Call

If you love our website, are drawn to our pricing, appreciate our transparency and the information that we've shared, please book us for a free consultation. :)

You can use this link to book your appointment: Book a Zoom Call

This is a casual meeting that allows us to get to know you and discuss your plans!

Book Your Date

If you enjoyed our Zoom call and without a doubt feel that we are the right fit, you can go ahead and place your reservation with us by booking your date!

Book Your Date

This allows us to turn away other inquirers as needed.

It also allows us to get started on creating your account, getting you all set-up and onboarded, and so on.

Share Your Progress

Once you get access to our complimentary planning software, you can start uploading any contracts that you've already secured, start marking things off of the checklists we've provided and so on!

We can also chat directly through the software and answer any questions you may have throughout our entire time together.

Working Together

We will continue to meet with you either in person or via Zoom (whichever is more practical) throughout our time together.

We will do progress updates during each meeting to make sure things are on track and moving forward. This is a collaboration, so it's important that we keep you in the loop and you keep us in the loop.

If any family members are interested in being involved, they can join our meetings, but ultimately we ask that the planning be limited to one or two persons total.

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Our Planning & Coordination rates are based on the amount of guests that you will be hosting and the overall scale of your wedding.

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160 Guests +

For couples hosting a wedding with more than 160 guests, we will be providing you with concierge-level service.

For these larger, more all-inclusive sized weddings, we do require a minimum event budget of $200K.

Our fee for planning and organizing this size of event starts at $30k.

Request a Consultation

Shop | A La Carte Planning

These Planning & Coordination options are only available for Micro-Weddings & Elopements (50 guests or less).

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