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KAE Weddings

Large Weddings (Planning for 120-160 Guests)

Large Weddings (Planning for 120-160 Guests)

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Large weddings require a good amount of time and attention to get everything just right. We typically spend a solid year + with our couples and their families to plan a large, full-scale wedding. 

Every wedding is unique, so we will meet with you regularly to ensure that everything is being accomplished on time and in the best, most cost-effective way possible.

Onboarding Includes:

  • 1 - Initial Zoom Consultation & Additional Onboarding Guidance
  • 1 - Custom Curated Trello Board (Required)

Trello Board Includes: 

  • Easy Chat Feature & Unlimited Communications (Required)
  • All Vendor Recommendations & Important Information
  • Essential Checklists & Timelines
  • Helpful Blogs & Articles, Organized by Subject
  • Complete Wedding Schedule
  • Design Information, Guidance, and Custom Curation (Required)
  • Sample Color Palettes, Floral Inspiration, Decor Inspo, Custom Design Decks + More
  • Assistance with Creating and Updating all Floorplans (Required)

General Planning Includes:

  • Monthly Zoom Calls (Required)
  • Easy Scheduling Link & Calendar Reminders
  • 1 - Custom Vendor Website (Required)
  • 1 - Complimentary Guest Website (
  • Assistance with Vendor Meetings (As Requested)
  • Attending Catering Tasting & Documenting Requests (Required)
  • 30-Day Walkthrough Coordination & Attendance (As Needed)
  • Rehearsal Day Coordination (Assistant Coordinator, Required)
  • Rehearsal Dinner/Welcome Party Planning, Design & On-Site Coordination (As Needed, Required)
  • 10 hrs of Wedding Day Assistance ($125 per Additional Hour)
  • 3 days of After Wedding Assistance ($500 per Additional Day)
  • Discounted Florals & Decor for Rehearsal/Welcome Party/Brunch Send-Offs
  • Assistance with Custom Curating Guest Gift Bags, Welcome Items, Etc.
  • Additional Full Personalization of Each & Every Wedding!

    Image: KAE Couple, Spruce Mountain Ranch

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