How to Choose a Wedding Florist

How to Choose a Wedding Florist

Remember, choosing a wedding florist is exactly like choosing a wedding caterer. If you want your meal to be mind-blowingly awesome, you will hire a Chef and full-service catering team. If you are on a super tight budget, you will hire a food truck or have your family make everything.

When it comes to florists, the main difference between a low-budget florist and a high-end florist is the level of service they provide. A low-budget florist may only offer basic floral arrangements, while a high-end florist can provide a comprehensive range of services that go beyond just creating floral arrangements.

This can include design and decor concepts, logistics and set-up, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly on your special day. While a low-budget florist may be more affordable, a high-end florist can provide a higher level of quality and attention to detail. 

KAE is considered a mid-range, full-scale, full-service florist. We have 4 years of full-time wedding floral design experience under our belt. Our designs are full-scale, meaning they are full and lush for their size (we do not cut corners to save on costs). Your designs will always be incredibly beautiful and true to size. Additionally, we work with you on the design of your arrangements and build a custom "menu" of items just for you.

 We specialize in lush, natural, high end and modern designs but, just like a Chef, can customize the experience to match your style and preferences.

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